Afternoon Activities Program

Every Thursday, as part of the Afternoon Activities programme, the children can listen to a story, read a story to an older child or read with a volunteer between 14.30 and 15.30.

We started with implementing brag tags to form part of the concept of discipline  This is a very practical way to encourage and reinforce positive behaviour. Every time the children show a positive behaviour, no matter how small they are rewarded with a smiley which they tuck into their name tag. The youth leaders make sure that all children receive some smileys by the end of the week. They will then return the smileys and each one will receive a brag tag that fits them the most for that week. These are kept in the name tag until the end of term. Then they will glue all the ones that they have onto a certificate to take home.

Anyone wanting to volunteer please contact Katleen 023 6251930

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