Mc Gregor and his people

Jerome –18 years old, working as a trainee since July 2015
I learn a lot from the kind of work we do. I want to develop myself; I have an income to support my child and family. I feel happy, stronger and surer of myself. Because I am busy with work my thoughts do not linger on the negative activities I was involved in before. In the future I see myself working in the building industry.

Floors – 18 years old, working as a trainee since July 2015, is Freek’s son
Before coming to the centre I was just at home doing nothing. I came to the centre to get some off cut wood when Pieter asked me if I could help make a ditch and I am still here. I am getting a lot of work experience. I am very grateful because I was feeling bad that I could not help my family with an income as dad was the only one working. I was never involved with drugs and alcohol but feel safe at work and not tempted. It is my heart’s desire to start my own business one day!

Julian – 17 years old, joined the training programme in September 2015.  Before joining the centre I was at home without a job. I was helping my dad as he had had an operation. Jerome told me that Pieter was looking for someone to join the training programme. I feel better now; I feel I am a better person for now I take responsibility and help my family of three with the income I bring home. The training was the best that could happen to me! I dream of starting my own business.

Dawid – trainee trainer, 30 years old, has been working with Pieter for what feels like forever!
I enjoy working at the Breede Centre and love what I do. I learnt a lot of skills including how to communicate better. I enjoy the interactions with the trainees on the building site and like helping them. I am now learning to be a trainer and I like learning new skills. I live in the community and it is really nice to see the change in the children who attend the youth activities. It is great to see that at the Breede Centre people care for them, love them and treat them as decent human beings. A lot of children do not experience that in their homes. It is nice to be part of the growth and positive changes that I see. I have become more self confident and can stand my ground better. I like the various projects that the centre runs, especially the Men@Work project that teaches us to be better men.

Freek – Gardener, 50 years old, has been caring for the garden two days a week since the centre started.
I was working in the building trade and worked at Pieter’s place. That is how I got to know him and Suenel, his wife. I also helped Pieter with the building at the Breede Centre but when my wife passed away I decided to become a gardener. I started with two days a week at the Centre and am working at other places the other days. There was nothing here and so I worked the ground and planted trees and succulents. Now I water and keep the garden and the vegetable patch tidy. I feel good working at the Centre because we care for each other here.

Dinah – Cleaner, cleaning one morning a week.
I am very proud of my work here because I only want the best. All that I need for my work is provided. I feel good at the Breede Centre because we are friendly with each other. I talk to people in the village about it.

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