Adult Empowerment

McGregor resident, Sylvia Matthys, has been trained in the production process of cutting, screen-printing & curing garments, or pieces ready for sewing. She works at the Breede Centre at least one day a week and these are her reflections:

“After working at Country Cottages for 19 years, in the factory for 1 year and as a cleaner for 4 years, the screenprinting work was quite challenging for me. But recently I asked Heidi if I can learn all the aspects of the screenprinting, including the printing itself. I wanted to learn all about it. I think the screenprinting is going to go far. We only have small projects now but this will grow into bigger projects and then more people can be employed. I am learning to be calm and have patience when doing the printing. Good communication with the people you work with is very important too.

I like the calm and peaceful atmosphere at the centre. I can see that peacefulness in all activities that happen here. And I like that everyone takes the time to teach you so you do not feel like an outsider.

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