This programme, using stories, reading, arts, crafts, music, gardening, games and sport as tools, aims to build on the eagerness of children to learn, to positively encourage and motivate them in all their expressions of arts, craft and academics so that they grow up to love learning and doing, with a strong self-image, with dreams for a future and the resilience to achieve it.

  • Afternoon Activities Programme

This programme runs every school week at the Breede Centre from Monday to Thursday from 14.30 to 17.00. A small nutritious meal is given before the children go home.

  • On The Road Programme

In 1st Laan and a corner in White City there is play and activities for the children on the street every school week from Monday to Thursday from 14.30 to 17.00.

  • Holiday Activities Programme

For 7 weeks a year during the school holidays a daily programme is offered where the children participate in art and craft workshops as well as games, sports and outings. Breakfast and lunch is served daily.

These programmes are led by youth leaders who are local young people employed and trained to lead and be a role model for the children.

  • Camps

Two times a year an adventure camp is organized where the focus is on the development of life skills and exploring nature.

The camps are developed and led by experienced camp leaders.