Building Craft

The Building Craft Skills program is a 50 weeks full time program and on completion of the program the trainee will be competent in basic building craft skills such as woodwork, maintenance and building and plastering. All thought this is not an accredited program, accredited curriculums will be followed, formal assessments will be done on a regular basis and the trainee will compile a Portfolio of Evidence of all the elements of his/her training.

The trainee will be signing up for full time training from Monday to Friday for 37.5 hours per week. They will receive a stipend for hours attended training on a weekly basis.

The trainee will also be introduce to a large variety of life skills applicable to the program to build self-esteem and obtaining a basic knowledge of entrepreneurship.

On the successfully completion of the Building Craft Skills Program the trainee will receive a certificate of competence and will be able to work as an assistant on building sites or become an entrepreneur and run his or her own small business.