Effective Education

Aims to foster the will to work, to live and to learn, centers around practical programs involving arts, crafts, gardening, life skills, outings, camps, community work and academic support.
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A number of children drop out of school from Grade 5 onwards, totally discouraged and without support or guidance leaving them extremely vulnerable to the vices of crime, drugs, alcohol and early pregnancy.

The Effective Education programme, currently in its developing stage, aims to foster a will to work, a will to live and a will to learn and centers around a practical programme involving arts, crafts, gardening, lifeskills, outings, camps, community work and academic support. This programme is based on the firm belief that each child has a talent that can be developed into a useful skill which will help them to enter the world of work later.

A special needs teacher and an art/craft teacher develop and lead the programme.

COST for 20 children: R2500 per day or R125 per child/per day.


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