Fact Sheet

Municipality + township/village/city  | Langeberg Municipality, McGregor, South Africa
NPO/PBO /Company 21 registration number | NPO: 183-242; PBO: 930-004-97

Work area |  Langeberg Municipal Area (McGregor, Robertson, Ashton, Montague, Bonnievale)
Ages target group | Scholars and Young adults, though no adults are excluded.
McGregor Village | Children, 4-16 years of age

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Breede Centre – Objectives

Afternoon Activities | Holiday Activities | Academic Support | Computer Training | Entrepreneurial Training | Computer Training Afternoon Care Programs | Needlework training |Screen Printing Training Cooking training | Foundation Phase Reading Support | Garden Courses |Career & Job Counselling |Composting, pruning and gardening courses | One year Handyman training (building, plumbing, painting, woodwork) connected to building | Woodwork business Training | Setting up cottage industries and centralized marketing.


1. Own the property of the Breede Centre
2. Experienced Trustees, Manager , Youth Coordinator and new staff.
3. Loyal and hard working staff who feel at home and are being trained and developed.
4. Developing involvement of local people in management level.
5. Networking locally, regionally and nationally.
6. Developing a secure funding base
7. Generating 30% of income through courses, production and sales in a financial year.
8. McGregor Community involvement through local donations, volunteers and other support.

Greatest needs (max. 3) + cost

1. Salary for expanding staff needs.
2. Paying the monthly running costs.
3. Sponsorships for entrepreneurial and computer courses.

Added value SPZA for your organisation

Expenditure for the financial year 2016-2017
Total expenditure in Rand: 966.269 (€ 69.000).