The HandiCraft Knitting program is a 50 weeks part time program and on completion of the program the trainee will be competent in safety in the craft room, using knitting hand tools, variety knitting techniques, reading patterns, choice of yarns, construction of a variety of items, using recycled materials, care for knitted items, finishing and packaging of knitted items and making a variety of items when learning different stiches and combinations.

The trainee will attend classes of three hours per day, once a week. The trainee will receive small assignments/articles to complete before the next class outside off the training hours in the craft production room. Upon successful completion of the assignments/articles the trainee will receive the opportunity to start to do production on articles and generate income for paying for the classes and buying additional yarn to produce articles for selling to customers.

On the successfully completion of the HandiCraft – Knitting Skills Program the trainee will receive a certificate of competence and will be able to work as an entrepreneur and run his or her own small knitting business.