The HandiCraft Sewing program is a 50 weeks part time program and on completion of the program the trainee will be competent in selection and preparing patterns, materials, machines and work area for sewing garments and household articles, cutting and constructing garments and household articles using hand and machine sewing techniques and to present finished sewn garments and household articles/products to customers.

The trainee will attend classes of three hours per day, once a week. The trainee will receive small assignments/articles to complete before the next class outside off the training hours in the craft production room. Upon successful completion of the assignments/articles the trainee will receive the opportunity to start to do production on articles and generate income for paying for the classes and saving towards her or his own sewing machine.

The skills that the trainee will acquire through this program are safety in the sewing room, using the different sewing hand tools, hand stitches, learn the technical elements of the sewing machine, how to use commercial or training patterns and choice of fabrics.

The different sewing techniques used in making garments and soft furnishing will include making tea towels, place mats, variety of bags, different aprons, pants, ladies tops, curtains and blinds, sheets and pillow cases, decorate cushions and cases, table clothes, using recycled materials to produce items, repairs to clothes and basic upholstery, finishing and packaging of completed product, patchwork, quilting and hand embroidery and basic design to make own patterns.

On the successfully completion of the HandiCraft – Sewing Skills Program the trainee will receive a certificate of competence and will be able to work as an entrepreneur and run his/her own small sewing business.